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“It’s about time!”

Without a doubt – the first three words that our customers say while filling out an application for the NEW WOA VIP LOYALTY CARD! It now pays to support your favourite motorcycle accessories shop!

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A day full of words like viscosity, wattage, roost, impact, carbon fibre, polyester, water-proof, water-resistance and traction…training day was underway. The first of many days like this to come; Greg, Hentie and Joff put Benjamin and Hanno through their paces with pop-quizzes and practical applications of what they learnt in the morning throughout the course of the day. In both English and Afrikaans, Greg left me impressed with his grasp of both languages…didn’t think he had the vocabulary since he usually gets stuck on four letter words.

Suit wall gets hooks


POS training

Third casualties...pen vs foot

MX protection

Joff: The Teacher

Greg watching...

Hyde & plastics

Helmet fitment

Training: oil

Check out the video footage on our Facebook page.

After a looong weekend, the shop is taking shape. Vaguely starting to resemble the WOA look and feel we’ve all grown to love, the shop is nearly ready for business. The systems are in and the space is starting to fill.  A cold wind blows and Keith van Zyl – owner – stalks through the rows of stock… we all feel a slight chill run up our spine – PRESSURE! And introducing Benjamin; our new tyre guy! Here’s to many more years together in this place.

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Clearly Day 3 and 4 were the calm before the storm…our 40 ft container arrived at around 9:45. We experienced 15 minutes of panic when Greg realised that he didn’t know where the keys for the locks on the container were; Mineke found them in Hentie’s laptop bag. No comment 🙂 40 minutes later, the container was empty. Only two causalities: on slightly bent helmet stand that hit the dust and a plastic funnel.

The nature-loving signs are gone, our branding and signs are going up steadily: Alpinestar above the boots, till and office window, Shark on the coffee bar, change room signs, DP Brakes & Zero7 above the spares and Jett & Omega above the office. More road helmets, jackets and oils are getting labelled. Our signs are going up outside; WOA Somerset West has landed.

Check out the video on our Facebook page

The waiting game… the boys and one very strong girl (Mineke has freakest strength) packed the stockroom and sorted out the workshop today. Looks like we’re getting there… Nice big spares order arrived this afternoon so that’s going to keep everybody nice and busy. The shop is getting a new roof outside so when the South Easter blows and the rain beats down in Somerset West – you all know where to take shelter. When you’re here, pop in for a cup of coffee and check out the completed Coffee Bar.

Tomorrow the 40 foot container arrives and the signage goes up – going to miss my leopard friend that watches over us all and all the nature scenes…

For video updates, have a look at our Facebook page.

Cloudy, rainy, sunshine, windy, cloudy, cool, misty, sunshine – rain…I suspect that the weather conditions in the Cape reflect what is happening in our little shop today…moving stock from one side to another, unpacking, packing, labeling, waiting.

The boots have gone up onto the wall, so have the off-road gloves – Joff and Hanno busy themselves with the MX protection section and Oxford stand. The stockroom and kitchen are complete and the spares section will be finished by the end of the day but our greatest achievement will be that Greg found the 5FM frequency!

Day 3: Boot wall - almost

How many guys does it take to assemble a Belray stand?


Coffee machine

Complete! Nearly...still needs shelves 🙂

Day 3: unpacking & supervising by the Boss


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Leaving on the 16 October, Greg van Zyl and Jonathan Giles set off in the loaded WOA VITO for the greener pastures of the Western Cape. After 15 hours on the road, Hentie Fourie – our new manager woke them at 6:00 to start unpacking in the new premises: number 5 Dynagel Street, the Interchange Center Somerset West.

I arrived on Monday morning 17 October after a short 2 hour flight to witness our new branch for the first time. An empty shell with great potential – in need of blood sweat and serious tears – to get this shop ready for trade 1 November – no problem!

Day one included sorting out the stock that had already arrived, labelling and security tagged. Greg made sure that we had some music and we hit the ground running.

Day two. As we wait for more stock to arrive, we realise that we were perhaps over eager the night before and should maybe have paced ourselves…so we wait. Wait for the suppliers to, as always, deliver everything at once and at the last possible moment.  Hanno and Joff pack away all the stock in an orderly fashion against the one wall to make space for the next delivery.

In the mean time I meet one of the managers from Outdoor Warehouse, the shop next to our’s, the old tenants of this space. An empty box from the back of the building has blown onto a car at Honda behind us. I ask “how do they know that it’s one of our boxes?”  He looks at me with a smile on his face and replies “because it has WORLD OF ACCESSORIES written on it…” Whoops! The wind here something that the Randburg contingent needs to familiarise themselves with…

The space is starting to settle nicely – while I for one will miss the acoustic value that it adds to my vocal range: the stock room’s grid and shelves are up; the kitchen has a fridge, microwave, kettle and utensils; the front counter has a spares cage as well as tv and the coffee bar has a coffee machine and bar stools.

Guess what – two suppliers have just arrived…

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